About Jonas Als

I'm a full time woodworker

Born and raised in 1988 in the ever beautiful and historical Northern Zealand, Denmark. I used a lot of my time in the woods as a child and have some of my best child memories from the forrest and fields. Memories that founded my passion, joy and interest for working with my hands, with and in the nature. To work with the abundance of materials from nature itself is incredibly life-affirming.

Inspired by our Scandinavian forefathers and there craftsmanship and folk art, I'm making functional and aestethic turned and handcarved wooden objects, like plates and bowls, spoons and vases. 


Selected customers:

  • Jordnær
  • Kadeau
  • A.T.
  • Alouette
  • Eksted
  • Gemyse
  • Lyst